New Castle Landmarks


 Old Quaker Village Historical District *


Reynolds-Carpenter house,  32 Quaker Road

Sutton Reynolds house,  354 Quaker Road

Thorn-Dodge house,  386 Quaker Road

Samuel Allen currying shop,  400 Quaker Road

Samuel Allen barn,  401 Quaker Road

Samuel Allen house,  405 Quaker Road

Samuel Allen tenant house,  407 Quaker Road

Friends Meeting House,  420 Quaker Road

Thomas Dodge house,  428 Quaker Road

Stony Hollow Farm,  478 Quaker Road


Horace Greeley Thematic Group *


Horace Greeley House, 100 King Street

Chappaqua Railroad Station and Plaza

Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 191 South Greeley Avenue

Rehoboth, 33 Aldridge Road


 Other New Castle Landmarks


George Carpenter House, 335 Roaring Brook Road

Croton Valley Friends Meeting House, 210 Lake Road

Dickinson-Conklin House, 275 Quaker Road

Gray Rock. John and Mary Nichols Cox House, 32 Gray Rock Lane

Horace Greeley Statue, Mill River Road

Greeley Woods, 191 South Greeley Avenue (Morton Place)

Charles Griffith house, 83 Kipp Street

Reuben and Moses Haight house, 350 Bedford Road

Hutin Homestead, 59 Highland Avenue

Juniper Ledge, 20 Ryder Road *

Benjamin Kipp house, 335 Douglas Road

Jesse Kipp house, 1040 Hardscrabble Road

Kipp School (New Castle Arts Center), 939 Hardscrabble Road 

Willet Kipp-Edward W. Lambert house, 1130 Hardscrabble Road

Kittle House, 11 Kittle Road

Marshall Homestead, 127 Old Roaring Brook Road

Marsland Barns, 16 Barnes Road

Millwood Hills, 51 Granite Road

Reynolds-Keeler-Williams house, 300 Quaker Road

Shingle House, 1 Shinglehouse Road

Tall Timbers, 236 Bedford Road

Tompkins Burying Ground (Hudson Hills Golf Course)

Underhill-Haviland house, 104 South Bedford Road

Joshua Washburn house, 316 South Bedford Road

Washburn -Barnes House, 35 Pinebridge Road

Williams-DuBois house, 35 Pinesbridge Road*

Isaac Young house, 114 Pinesbridge Road


*   Also listed on the National Register of Historic Places

 April  2014 

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