Greeley Family History

  • 1811 February 3 Horace Greeley born in Amherst, NH to Zaccheus Greeley and Mary Woodburn
  • 1821 January Greeley's family moved to Westhaven, VT
  • 1824 New Year's Day resolved to drink no distilled liquors - a pledge he kept.
  • 1826 April Apprenticed to a printer in East Poultney, VT at "The Northern Spectator."
  • 1830 June Departed for Erie County, PA. Employed by "The Erie Gazette."
  • 1831 August Arrived in New York City and employed by "The Evening Post." 
1811 February 3 Horace Greeley born in Amherst, NH to Zaccheus Greeley and Mary Woodburn on their small farm of 50 acres with a pond and a small orchard.  Oldest of surviving children, sickly, learned to read early.  He was a fifth generation American.
1814    Lived at grandfather Woodburn’s home in Londonderry a few weeks each winter and some months in the summer for three years to attend school.
1821 January Greeley’s family moved to Westhaven, VT
1824   New Year’s Day resolved to drink no more distilled liquors – a pledge he kept.
1826 April Apprenticed to a printer in East Poultney, VT at "The Northern Spectator"
1830 June Departed for Erie County, PA.  Employed by “The Erie Gazette.”
1831 August Arrived in New York City
1831 November Employed by "The Evening Post"
1832 January Employed by “The Spirit of the Times”
1833  January Engaged by Francis V. Story in printing “The Morning Post.”
1834 March Started “The New-Yorker”, a non-partisan literary and news journal.
1836 July 5 Married Mary Young Cheney, a teacher, in Warrenton, NC.  She was born in Cornwall, CT in 1811.  When they arrived home they took lodgings on Greenwich Street in New York, near the Battery, and for the next eight years moved several times.
1837   During economic Panic, his advice to those who can’t find work: “Go West, young man, and grow with our country.” 
1838 February Became editor of “The Jeffersonian” which espoused Whig causes
1838 August Birth of first child, a son; died at birth.
1839 February Last issue of  “The Jeffersonian.”
1840 May Started “The Log Cabin,” a weekly political paper supporting Whig candidate William Henry Harrison for President
1841 April 10 Started “The New York Tribune”
1841 September “The New-Yorker” and “The Log Cabin” merged into “The Weekly Tribune”
1842   Birth of Muriel Genevieve Greeley, a daughter; died in infancy.
1843 September Started “The Evening Tribune”
1843   Greeley moved uptown in New York City from 19th street to the Turtle Bay area on the East River.  The house “Castle Doleful,” was spacious on 8 acres with a wooded dell.
1844 March 22 Birth of son Arthur Young Harold Greeley, “Pickie”. He died July 12,1849 of cholera.
1844 November Margaret Fuller was hired by Greeley as “The Tribune’s” first woman editor.
1845 May “The Semi-Weekly Tribune” issued.
1847 November Birth of daughter Mary Inez Greeley; died at 6 mos. in 1847.
1848 November Elected to Congress for one session.
1848 November 17 Birth of daughter Ida Lillian Greeley, “La Dame Chatelaine;” died on April 11, 1882.
1850 January First president of NY Typographical Union #6
1850   Bought two and one half story brick house on 19th Street between 4th Avenue & Broadway
1851   Birth of son Raphael Uhland Greeley; died February 28, 1857 of croup. Served as juror at Crystal Palace Exposition in London , visited Continent for 2 months.
1852   Greeley begins to purchase property in Chappaqua.
1853   Completed purchasing property bringing the farm to 78 acres.  Begins to build the “House in the Woods” move in 1854.  The long driveway is now Senter Street.
1854 Autumn Mary Greeley left with Ida and Raphael for nearly 2 years in Europe .
1855 April Joins family in London. Accompanies them to Paris and Switzerland.
1855 September Attended Republican convention at Syracuse.  Goes to Washington  for several months to cover election of Speaker of House.
1857 February 10 Raphael Uhland Greeley dies of croup.  Greeley was devastated by this loss.
1857   Concrete barn completed – one of the first poured concrete structures in America . 
1857 March 26 Birth of daughter Gabrielle Rosamond Greeley, “Tourbillon”.  She died March 3, 1937.
1860 May Delegate to Republican Party Convention in Chicago–Lincoln nominated for Presidency
1860 November 9 Opposed coercion of the cotton states
1860 Dec. 19, 22 Opposed the Weed & Crittenden Compromise
1861 February 4 Lost nomination for U.S. Senate
1862 February 4  Addressed Lincoln in the “Prayer of Twenty Millions”
1864 November 8 Presidential elector-at-large
1864 August Bought present-day “Greeley House,” on just under one half acre from widow of Caleb Sands.  “Refitted” the house and added portion on the uphill side. The original portion of the house was built between 1852-1854. Greeley continued to spend time at “The House in the Woods”.
1865   Built stone and concrete barn, one of the first concrete structures in the country.  His daughter, Gabrielle, remodeled the barn in 1892, and lived there until 1954.
1865 April 11 Advocated universal amnesty.
1865 December 8 Mary Greeley to Cuba to recover from consumption
1866  September 3 Delegate to Loyalist Convention in Philadelphia
1867 May 13 Signed bail bond for Jefferson Davis.
1865   Delegate-at-Large to Constitutional Convention from June 4, 1867-Feb. 28, 1868.
1865 December 4 Declined Mission to Austria.
1869 November 2 Defeated as candidate for Comptroller of New York State.
1870 November 8 Defeated in Congressional election.
1871   Construction began on Victorian home, “The Hillside House.”  Occupied in fall of 1873 by daughters, Gabrielle and Ida.
1872 May 3 Nominated for Presidency in Cincinnati by Liberal Republicans and Democratic Party.
1872 October 30 Death of his wife, Mary Young Cheney Greeley, 61.
1872 November 5  Defeated in Presidential election by Ulysses S. Grant. Carried 6 of 32 states  Grant 3,597,070 votes Greeley 2,834,079 votes
1872 November 6 Goes back to “The Tribune” but finds that he is no longer its editor and he returns home.
1872 November 13 Greeley creates informal trust for children, Alvin Johnson, trustee.
1872 November 29 Suffered major health breakdown. Horace Greeley died at Dr. Choate’s home in Pleasantville, NY (now Pace University).  Ida then 24 and Gabrielle, 15.  Mr. Greeley was 61.
1872 December 5 Horace Greeley’s funeral - very large attendance. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
1875 May 1 Daughter Ida Lillian Greeley, age 27, married Col. Nicholas Smith (b. __/__/1836, d. 8/15/1919 Fort Salonga, NY) in New York City.  They lived in Philadelphia and then later in Brooklyn.  Their children:

Horace Greeley Smith Sr., MD (b. 4/6/1877, d. 1950)  – lived in Philadelphia and then later in Brooklyn, at age 19 dropped “Smith” and became a doctor, was associated with the NYC Health Dept. & had one child,

          Horace Greeley Jr., MD (b. ___/___ 1900, d. ___/___1986) also a doctor who lived in Brooklyn) who married:

               #1 – Beatrice Tessendorf (b.___/___/___, d.___/___/___) in 1930 – They had two children:

                        Horace Judson Greeley (b. 8/15/1935, d 5/___/2003

                        Nixola Beatrice Greeley (b. 1/24/ 1934)

             #2  Jeanne W_____ (b.___/___/___) They had two children: (After Horace Greeley Jr., MD’s death , Jeanne W. Greeley married ______.)  She continues to live and practice medicine with her two sons in Brooklyn.

                    Grant Horace Nicholas Greeley, MD (b.9/17/1953),married MaryAnn Murcott (b.___/___/___) 6/25/1977  They had two children:

                                Alexander Horace Greeley (b. 9/11/1986)

                                Kristen Jennifer Greeley  (b. 5/26/1988)

                   Norman Horace Edward Greeley, MD (b. 2/14/1956) who Married:

                            #1 Sadhis Rivas (b.___/___/___)in 1980.  They had two children:

                                        Horace Timothy Greeley (b. 12/24/1986)

                                        Matthew Nicholas Greeley (b. 5/29/1988)

                             #2 Micha Choy (b.___/___/___) in ________.

     Nixola Greeley Smith, (b. 4/5/1880, d._____/_____1919, staff writer for the NY Evening Telegram – married _________ Ford in _________.  They had no children. 

  Ida Gabrielle Smith (b.3/9/1882, d._______  – married Louis F. Geissler, Chair. of Bd. of RCA, on __________.  They had one son:

          Louis Geissler, Jr, who married_________ in _______.  They had four children:

                 Daughter  who died at age 5 in 1950

                 Frederick Geissler who died in the 1980s

                 Edwin Geissler (b.___/___/___) (twin) lives in Maine

                 Elizabeth Geissler (. ___/___/____) (twin) lives in Mass.

1876 April 14 “The House in the Woods” burns.  It had been occupied until the Tuesday before by Ida & Nicholas Smith.  A scrubbing woman had left embers in the fireplace, which rolled out and started a fire.
1882 April 11 Ida Greeley Smith dies of diphtheria.  She was 33.
1889 May 30 Dedication of Greeley’s Monument, Greenwood Cemetery.
1890 April 3 “The Hillside House” burns.  Gabrielle moves to tenant house, near the present New Castle Town Hall.
1891 April 23

Gabrielle Rosamond Greeley married Rev. Dr. Frank Montrose Clendenin (b. 9/17/1853, d. 8/19/1930).  Their children:

         Gabriel (b. 1892) still born;

         Miriam (b. 1892/3, died in infancy;

         Gabrielle (b.1893, d.8/4/1920)  married Capt. Edward Canning Muhlenbruch Stahl October 22, 1918. They had one son

                 Frank Canning Greeley Stahl (b 11/21/1919 d 9/20/05) married Hanna Kreisel (7/8/1956). They had one daughter  

                     Gabriele Stahl (b. 12/23/1961) who married Jan Bertheau (5/11/1996). They had one son:

                           Frederic Charles Greeley Bertheau (b. 7/21/1999)

       Muriel (b. 1898 d. 10/23/1903 of polio)      The Church of St. Mary the Virgin was built as a memorial to Muriel.

1892   Greeley’s barn is converted to Rehoboth (“broad place”) by Ralph Adams Cram, architect.
1914 February 3 Unveiling of Greeley statue by Wm. Ordway Partridge. Groundbreaking took place 2/3/1911 on 100th anniversary of his birth.
1926 April 19 Greeley House sold by Gabrielle G. Clendenin.
1930   Gabrielle Greeley Clendenin dies.

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