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The New Castle Historical Society is located in The Horace Greeley House at 100 King Street in Chappaqua, NY.

Hours of operation:

We are open to the public each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturdays from 1pm-4pm. The museum is also open by appointment.  The museum is closed on Saturdays during August.

Staff:   Betsy Towl - Executive Director
Trustees  - Officers

President:             Betsy Guardenier
Vice President:    John Sorice
Secretary:             Antoinette Kelly
Treasurer:             William Dannecker
Past President:    Fran Osborne


Terms Expiring in 2014
Al Hutin       Lowen McKay   Joann Moskowitz        Kathy Willemin

Terms Expiring in 2015
Victoria Gutfreund    John Magoun     Bitsy Maraynes   Anna Walker

Term Expiring in 2016

William Bramswig    Suzanne Keay     Lizabeth Haas     Nancy Ruffner    Kenneth White

 Ex-Officio    Gray Williams, Town Historian

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