Notable Neighbors in New Castle


New Castle has been favored with many notable residents, past and present, who have made impact locally and nationally.


Producers, directors, actors and writers have found New Castle an ideal spot to live. Did you know that Peter Berg, director of Lone Survivor, grew up in Chappaqua?  Or that three of the famous Arkin family graduated from Horace Greeley High School?  Or that broadway actress Kelli O'Hara lives in town?

Outstanding scientist from home and abroad have resided here while working with IBM and other research companies.  Business executives of major companies, sports figures of national recognition, musicians, and politicians have also made New Castle home.  Did you know that David Da-I Ho, a prominent aids researcher, Paul Iams, the pet food company founder, Carrie Chapman Catt, a famous suffragette, Leo Esaki, a Nobel Prize winner and Woody and Arlo Guthrie, folk singers, all called this community home?

This exhibit highlights some of the notable people who have lived in New Castle.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to include everyone in our limited exhibit spaceTherefore we have created a more complete list in our "Notable Neighbors Notebook".  If anyone has been omitted, please let us know.

New Castle has been favored with many notable residents, past and present, who have made an impact locally and nationally.

Downton Chappy - Costumes of the Downton Abbey Era


This exhibit features costumes from the Society's extensive collection and is based on the popular TV series, Downton Abbey.  Lady Grantham and her daughters always wore the latest elegant fashions of the 1920s and 30s.  The soft fabrics, lavish beading and embroidery on their dresses help set the story tone. Happily, we have similar dresses here in Chappaqua.  We have a stunning satin and lace wedding gown as well as dresses suitable for receiving guests at home or at the opera.  Also on view is a selection of beaded bags, long gloves and hats. One is a silver cap perfect to slip over a head of bobbed hair and dance the Charleston. Stop in for a treat, and decide who had more style: the blue bloods of Downton Abbey, or the ladies of Chappaqua. The exhibit will be on view until May 3rd.

downtonChappyDresses beadedDress

New Castle's Beginnings - Our Founding Farms


Our 2013 exhibit, New Castle's Beginnings - Our Founding Farms is now on display at the New Castle Town Hall.  This exhibit  traces our town's origins from Native American lands through the farms of the nineteenth century, to the estates and housing developments that turned New Castle into the community we know today.  A focus on several local farms and their products will be featured - Sutton Farm, Dodges Farm, Brann Farm, Taylor and Annadale Farms, and of course the Greeley Farm.

The first farms of New Castle were established on large tracts of land purchased from the Native American tribes of the Mohegan Confederation, including the Sintsincks.  Even our hamlet's name, Chappaqua, has Native American roots.  The area was called Shepequa, which referred to the abundant water sources that made farming possible.  Many other Native American words have been retained in the names of our streets and landmarks.

resign_hexamer_nursery sutton farm


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